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Healthy Tips to Run Essential Errands in Dubai


As Dubai continues to ensure Covid-19 precautionary measures, as an errand you may have several questions about how to execute essential errands while adhering to the set guidelines.

Running an essential errand simply refers to those crucial errands to be executed regardless of the situations because they are considered very essential to the well being of the clients. 

These essential errands include:

→ Grocery shopping, 

→ Buying drugs from pharmacy,

 → Going banking and picking up takeout food from restaurants.

These essential errands help to protect people at higher risk of contracting COVID-19  to stay home and use these essential errand services offered by errand uae 

People at high risk should remain home, they should consider staying at home and avoid close contact if at all possible, including having groceries and food delivered by our errand aue runners.

To help our errand uae runners stay healthy and safe while running essential errands, errand uae has explicitly covered these healthy tips in this brief article:

→ Avoid going for shopping or running other errands if you are sick or have COVID-19 symptoms. This is very essential as it helps to curb the spread of the virus to other people you always get into contact with.

→ Consider running errands for   groceries or takeout food whose payments have been made online.  Try as much as possible to avoid contact deliveries with your clients in order to stay safe.

→ When running essential errands only one person in your car. Always wear facemask and gloves. Avoid exposing yourself to crowds when running errands .

 → Distance at least 2 metres away from other persons when shopping or standing in clearance queues.

→ Always keep your shopping cart clean , use recommended disinfectants to kill the viruses which may cause Covid-19. Refrain from using  public shopping carts for your safety .

→ Due checkouts, consider paying with available contactless payment methods (paying without touching money, a card or a keypad),Example, Google Pay, Apple Pay and many more

→ Always sanitize your hands  regularly when entering the  and leaving the store, pharmacy or restaurant pickups. If water is available, use hand wash soap to gently wash your hands for more than 20 seconds.

 → Always disinfect surfaces in your home that come into contact with your shopping carts, your delivery uniforms and groceries or bags. 

→ Always make sure that you handle orders and pick ups for your clients at the same time. Prescriptions can as well be handled at the same time. 

→ Do your banking  errands online  in order to reduce contacts with ATM machines and bank employees. 

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